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Recreational & Social Dance

Dancing Tree offers a wide variety of classes for recreation and fitness allowing a fun and joyful approach to staying healthy.

Parent and Baby Dance/Exercise

Salsa and Swing Dance

Creative Dance & Modern

Jazz and Hip Hop

Rhythm and Broadway Tap

 All Abilities and Outreach Programs

By making dance accessible to everyone, Dancing Tree’s educational outreach programs brings dance and movement into public and private settings. The chief aim of these programs is to foster elements of self-esteem including autonomy, acceptance, success, competence, self-expression and meaningful collective experiences. Lessons emphasize process-centered exploration with components of movement. Improvisation and creating movement by oneself, with a partner or in groups are emphasized. In addition, the abstract art concepts of visual and performing arts such as space, time, rhythm, line, effort and color are explored, stimulating kinetic, spatial, musical and linguistic modalities.

Dance Residencies

Dance Residencies generally consist of 10 lessons per semester culminating in an informance, featuring processes and creations from the residency.

Also Available

On-site lessons in churches or after-school care. Community Outreach Workshops on-site or at Dancing Tree studios.

Recreational & Social Class Descriptions

AquaFitness Mon/Wed at 6-7pm and Friday at 10:30am

“A Fountain of Fun and Fitness,” a therapeutic, nourishing, energizing and relaxing class. It is held at area pools including Unity Pool, one of the most scenic, tranquil environments in Wimberley. The class is designed for everyone, especially those with joint issues, back pain, and loss of mobility. It includes cardio and core-strengthening exercises. Mind/ body connection is emphasized.
Pool membership is required at

Basic Swim

Learn to swim or improve your swimming. DancingTree builds confidence and strong swim skills for children and adults.

Swing, Salsa Social Dance  Youth/Adult

Learn the basics of swing dance and salsa with or without a partner.

Senior Chair Exercise

All ability class including caregivers. Dance elements as well as specific brain/body developmental exercises are utilized.

All Abilities Chair Exercise: Breath Awareness Series

Tuesdays, Thursdays, 9:30 a.m.—10:30 a.m.
Wimberley Village Library, Wimberley, TX

Your breathing and moving patterns affect every cell of your body. Breathing and moving with more intelligence and awareness supports and enhances a healthier lifestyle. In this class that is both lecture and experimental, we will investigate (1) the anatomy and physiology of breathing and (2) the benefits of very gentle stretching from a seated position to open our bodies. This All Abilities adult class is offered by The Dancing Tree and will be taught by Lauren Robins, Registered Massage Therapist, MS, with 25 years of yoga and dance/movement experience

All Abilities Chair Exercise: Mind, Body, Soul Series

Mondays, 9-10 a.m.
Dripping Springs Library, Dripping Springs, TX

In this All Abilities exercise class for adults, participants enjoy 100% gentle stretching and yoga-based poses all from the comfort of a chair. Besides receiving the physical cardiovascular, conditioning, strength, and flexibility benefits, students are led through a variety of self-care concepts and techniques.

All are invited to come play, laugh, and sing as we experience the physical, social, emotional, and mental benefits of this Mind, Body, Soul series. In each class, we will also explore different forms of meditation, cultivate a gratitude practice, and deepen our breathing techniques to clear nasal and mental congestion.

All are welcome. No experience or equipment is needed.