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Policies, Guidelines & Tuition

Studio Policies

Safety and Guidelines

Dancing Tree believes in creating a challenging, fun and SAFE environment for each and every  one of our students. Because of this, we request that all students and visitors observe the following safety guidelines:

  1. Have Fun!
  2. Please, no gum, food or drinks in the studio.
  3. Please no jewelry, including earrings and watches.
  4. Remove street shoes before entering studio, please.
  5. Students may not enter class late or leave early without permission. (Students arriving more than 10 minutes late may be asked to observe).
  6. Students must remain inside the building or in the waiting area while waiting to be picked up after class.
  7. Students and visitors are asked to remain quiet while in the waiting area.
  8. Notify Susan Rene’e if someone other than a parent is picking up a child from class.
  9. At ZAZ Studio, please park on the studio side of the road if parking lot is full.

Parents and grandparents are asked to observe from the waiting area as classes are designed for specific age groups. All age classes are available.

Performances and Informants

Performing is an essential part of dance training and is the culmination of the learning experience throughout the year. It is the policy of this conservatory to perform a costumed production each Spring. Production and costume costs are kept to a minimum for this and other performance opportunities.  A $50 deposit will be due with November’s tuition.

Preferred Attire

JoyDance PreSchool (2.5-4 yrs) and JoyDance I (4-5 yrs)
Theatrical Pink:
Short Sleeve Leotard, Tights or Socks
Chiffon skirt
Pink Ballet Slippers
Hair-Bun or off the neck & away from face
Water Bottle

JoyDance II and All Ballet Students
Black Leotard
Theatrical Pink tights
Pink Ballet Slippers
Hair-Bun or off the neck and away from face
Water Bottle

Creative Dance and Modern, Jazz, Tap
Solid Color Leotard & Footless Tights
ToeKinis ($3.50 at HEB), Bare Feet, Black Jazz or Tap shoes
Hair-Off the neck & away from face
Water Bottle

Recreational Dance and Fitness
Comfortable clothing, no zippers or buttons, please
ToeKinis (at HEB) Bare feet, socks, dance shoes (no street shoes)
Water Bottle


Conservatory Tuition

$45 annual registration fee

$65 per family

Hours per Week/Month

30 Minutes $50

.45 – 1 $69.00

1.25 $79.00

1.5 $89.00

2 $109.00

2.5 $119.00

3 $129.00

3.5 $139.00

4 $149.00

4.5 $159.00

5 Hours $169.00

5.5 Hours $179.00

Unlimited $200.00 (Individual)

Fall Semester( 13 weeks) =4 monthly payments

Spring Semester (17 weeks)=5 monthly payments

Pay by the semester and receive 5% off (Fall=4 x monthly rate, Spring=5 x monthly rate. Subtract 5%)

Family discounts are calculated within tuition rates. If one sibling is taking a 1 hour class and the other sibling is taking two 1 hour classes, the tuition is for 3 hours of dance.

Partial and full scholarships available to eligible applicants

$50 costume and production fee deposit due by February 14th this year.

Private and Semi-private Instruction

1 Hour $100

Half Hour $60

Youth/Adults-Recreational, Social Dance and Fitness

$10 registration fee

10 class card $120 (1 hour) – $150 (1.20 hour class)

drop in rate $20

Some classes (Swing/Salsa) may have a session rate.

Some youth/adult dance classes are priced by semester.

Please call for exact pricing.